Breakups happen for a variety of reasons. Logically you know this. Your head may be able to process the fact that the relationship is over, but your heart – your wounded heart – just can’t. I know that feeling. Many years ago I was dumped by a man I was completely, totally and utterly in love with. A man I envisioned marrying, having children with and growing old with. But one day he called me over, sat me down and told me it wasn’t working. At first, I couldn’t fathom what “it” was. He made it clear, in no uncertain and heartbreaking terms, that our relationship just wasn’t working for him anymore. I left his apartment, somehow drove home and didn’t leave my place for a week.

I was devastated. I couldn’t understand how I could be so in love and so happy with someone who was silently plotting the undoing of my heart. I didn’t hear from him that entire week. I did hear, from a mutual friend, that my ex boyfriend was already going out clubbing. He was having fun, he was laughing and I was distraught.

Every single moment of the day my thoughts were focused on him and what I did wrong, in addition to what I needed to do right to get him back. I replayed his voicemail messages that I had saved. I spent hours – too many hours – pouring over his old email messages trying to find some small clue about what went wrong. I discovered nothing.

I couldn’t sleep. Eating was out of the question and I could literally feel my heart aching. (I felt so ill that I called in sick to work for a week.)

A friend came over and she finally shook me back into reality. She gave me a loving lecture about how I was allowing my ex boyfriend to hold enormous emotional power over me. She was right. I knew I couldn’t do that anymore.

I started putting the pieces of my life together and started researching my emotional predicament. I was stuck – loving a man who didn’t want me anymore.

If you feel this way as well and if your life is on hold because of the break up, there’s a way to move forward towards a reunion with your ex boyfriend. Click here to watch a video that explains much more.

My Personal Mistakes When Trying to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

I don’t want you to have to struggle with getting your ex boyfriend back the same way I did. I made some huge mistakes that impacted my efforts to get him to want to be with me again.

Here are a few things you really need to avoid doing:

Acting like a spoiled child who didn’t get her way. I realize this sounds harsh but it was the biggest mistake I made when my boyfriend dumped me. I just couldn’t let go of the pain I was feeling so I, in essence, had temper tantrums repeatedly. I’d cycle between being very angry with him, crying and pleading with him to come back. It took me weeks to realize that my overzealous emotions were actually pushing him further and further away.

Chasing him down trying to get him to reconsider. My ex boyfriend had a very prominent position with an impressive company in the city in which we live. I spent days, camped out in the parking lot of his office waiting for him to come outside on a break, for lunch or at the end of the day. I’d confront him in front of his co-workers and I even went so far as to repeatedly ring his doorbell one night for almost 30 minutes. I was relentless and I can now admit, that my behavior was unacceptable and incredibly unappealing. What man in his right mind would want to be with a woman who acted that way?

Trying to manipulate his family and friends. It’s very tempting to try and get your ex boyfriend’s family and close friends on your side during the break up. If you were close with any of them you may see that relationship as a bonus that can now be cashed in. This is a very risky proposition that is more than likely going to result in bad blood between not only you and your ex boyfriend, but also the other person you drag into the middle of your break up. It’s best to leave everyone out of your relationship issues. If anyone does ask, just tell them that it’s too difficult to talk about right now.

Instead of worrying about what you might do wrong, it’s important to focus on the steps that you should be taking now to get him back. Watch this informative video to learn what you can be doing today to get him back forever.

The Other Woman Isn’t Necessarily an Obstacle

If your ex boyfriend is like mine was, he’s already jumped excitedly back into the dating world. I was crushed when I learned that my ex boyfriend had started seeing a new girl. My obsession with the break up and with him quickly turned into an obsession that focused on her. I scoured every site I could think of online to dig up anything I could on her. The truth was that she seemed lovely, which actually hurt even more.

I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t see his new relationship as something you need to destroy in order to get him back. Doing that will actually backfire and cause him to pull away even more.

The honest reality is that he finds this new woman interesting enough to pursue something with her. Obviously that stings you in a very deep and profound way. But you must remember that many people, particularly men, search out a new romantic partner soon after their break up strictly because they want to drown all those lingering thoughts they have of their ex girlfriend. Your ex boyfriend may actually be using his new girlfriend to try and forget you.

The best advice you can follow when your ex does start dating again is to be cordial and kind to both him and her. If you happen to run into them, focus your attention on her and be friendly. Ask her questions about her work, compliment her and smile, always, always, smile.

If you can show your ex boyfriend that his new relationship doesn’t intimidate or threaten you at all, you’ll be one step closer to getting him back.

Never lose sight of the fact that most rebound relationships fall apart very quickly.

Even if he is dating someone else, there are ways to get him to rethink his break up with you. You can learn more about that here.

Is it Possible to Text Your Ex Back?

One thing that we all do is we text each other. It’s one of those things that we aren’t even that mindful of. It’s become a part of our daily lives and after your break up, you’ve probably felt a huge gap since you haven’t been able to text your ex boyfriend.

What if there was something you could text him that would change everything? That seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s not.

What most of us don’t realize is that men prefer written communication. They’d much rather receive a text or email from a woman they’ve been involved with than hear her voice at the end of the phone. The reason is very straightforward and simple. Men hate confrontation. They don’t want to be put in a position in which they have to defend themselves verbally.

That’s why sending him a text message can be so powerful, but not just any text message is going to get the reaction out of him that you want.

That’s where Michael Fiore comes into play. I first saw Michael on television in February, 2011. He was actually on Rachael Ray’s show on Valentine’s Day talking all about how powerful text messages can be as a communication tool within a relationship.

Michael has something that none of your female friends has- male insight. He knows what makes men tick because he’s one of them.

Michael has developed this breakthrough program that teaches women how to use text messages to reignite a man’s interest. This is amazing stuff.

All men have psychological triggers that any woman can push to get an emotional reaction. This is exactly what Michael’s program does. It teaches you exactly what to say to your ex boyfriend, via text message, to get him to drop his emotional guard and crave to be with you again.

As much as I’m trying to explain the meat and potatoes of how this works – Michael does a much better job in this video he prepared.

One word of warning though – please don’t use these techniques unless you’re very certain your ex boyfriend is the man for you. They work remarkably well.

One of the most difficult things for any woman to have to shoulder is being ignored by the man she loves. It’s horrible when it’s the man you’re currently involved with, but when it’s an ex boyfriend that you’re still desperately in love with, it’s almost unbearable. The mere fact that he refuses to pick up when you call or he lets your text messages and emails go unanswered is heartbreaking. You don’t exactly know what to do, so you likely do what virtually every other woman in your situation does and that’s keep on trying to talk to him. I’m here to tell you to stop the madness. There is a much better way to react when you are being ignored by your ex and it will actually put you back into the driver’s seat in terms of whether or not you two get back together again.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend is Ignoring You

There are generally a few specific reasons why a man will repeatedly ignore his ex girlfriend after the break up. If you can identify why your ex is purposefully avoiding you, it will help you understand and learn to take it much less personally.

Men just aren’t as fond of dealing with their emotions as we are. Many men just need a period of time after a break up to decompress emotionally. They have to work their way through their own emotions and to do so, they need both space and time. If you try and contact your ex boyfriend before he’s gone through this process, he may just intentionally ignore you because he’s not emotionally ready to deal with you.

He’s still resentful about the break up. Perceptions can become very cloudy after a break up has occurred. If you were dumped, you’re probably wondering why your ex boyfriend still seems so upset with you. After all, he’s the one who ended things, right? How he views the end of the relationship may differ greatly from how you view it. Be mindful of the fact that his feelings may run just as deep as yours and the emotional pain you are feeling may be mirrored by him.

He’s trying to move on. There are certain men who can only deal with a break up by moving on very quickly. These are the men who are often caught up in another relationship just weeks after their break up. If your ex has gotten himself involved with another woman, she may be the reason why he’s ignoring you right now. Since his attention is otherwise engaged, he may not view you as important enough to talk to.

Dealing With an Ex Boyfriend Who is Ignoring You

It may feel that the best way to deal with a man who is ignoring you is to demand he stop. That’s one approach you may have already taken but if you have, you already know that it won’t work.

The very best thing you can possibly do right now is to stop trying to get him to talk to you. The man has made it very clear, through his inaction, that he has no intention of breaking no contact at this point. If you continue to throw yourself into his personal space be it through unwanted telephone calls, emails or texts, he’ll change his number, delete your number and never contact you again.

It takes only a day or two for a man to realize that a woman who has been chasing him incessantly, isn’t any longer. That means that if you stop trying to get his attention today, within a few days, you’ll finally have it.

There’s an unspoken message that is conveyed when a woman suddenly stops chasing her ex boyfriend. The message is loud and clear and it screams that she’s no longer interested the way she once was.

It’s your silence that will finally shake your ex boyfriend’s world enough that he’ll want to reach out and talk. Try it for yourself. Stop talking, wait and before long, he’ll be the one racing after you.

If you’re tired of living without your ex boyfriend, there is a simple way to regain his attention. Very specific text messages can reawaken your ex boyfriend’s desire in you so he’ll crave to be with you again. You can learn more about that here.